Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe
Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe
Maximize Your Most Valuable Asset - PEOPLE

Our products and processes have been developed to provide solutions for thousands of companies across the globe that face challenges in human capital management. We have the most comprehensive assessments in the market. Our research-based, problem solving solutions are dedicated to improving the quality of life in the workplace through the application of assessments. TTI Success Insights offers a complete line of products to meet a variety of needs and special applications. The products are easily integrated into timely solutions for today’s challenges in organizational development and talent management. The Dimensions of Superior Performance Wheel was designed to illustrate the different aspects of a person. We have focused our research and development on creating tools that allow us to measure 5 of 8 dimensions; behavior, acumen, personal skills or competencies, motivators and engagement, and emotional intelligence.
JOB MATCHING: It's Not a Diet, It's a "Bussiness Style"

Job Matching through Job Assessment
Our patented Job Benchmarking process will provide an unbiased understanding of what is required for success in a position within your company.

Selection: Pre-assessed, Pre-qualified Candidates
Quickly screen applicants against the job benchmark to find the most qualified candidates.

Strategic Planning
Use our assessment and survey tools in creating your organization’s strategic plan for the future.

Superior Sales Training
Provide your sales team with in-depth sales training based on their selling style, from prospecting all the way through to closing.

Outplacement Services
When an organization is forced to make the difficult decision to reduce staff, provide outplacement services to impacted employees to help them find new employment.

Human Capital Management
Use our assessment-based tools to manage all aspects of talent management, from job-related coaching to selection and retention, and more.

Customized Training
TTI Success Insights’ consultants will take the time to understand your organization’s unique needs and will design customized training programs that will ensure your goals are achieved through superior employee performance.

Performance Management
With job-related tools that utilize the knowledge of behaviors, values and personal skills, get the solutions that can ensure long-lasting results.

Business Consulting
Our network of business consultants have the acumen and tools available to them to help you guide your organization toward your future success!

Customer Service Training
Success Insights consultants are able to provide your employees with the training needed to build repeat business by ensuring satisfied customers.

Communication Training
Use the behavioral (DISC) model and motivational model to understand how to best communicate with fellow employees and customers based on their own unique preferences. 

Management and Leadership Development
Superior performance becomes a reality with SI products and processes!

Change Management
Working with Success Insights consultants will ensure you stay ahead of the pack in business performance and profitability.

Executive Coaching with Results
By uncovering their “true self”, individuals can apply their unique styles to find balance and alignment in their personal and professional lives.

Team Building
Build the success and productivity of your team by helping them understand the communication preferences, strengths and weaknesses of each member.
Our Worldwide Network of Consultants Will Innovate Your People Processes and Grow Your Business

We pride ourselves on our ethics, integrity and the ability to deliver what we promise.

Our distribution spans over 90 countries and 40 languages. We make it a priority to select and train high level consultants, providing them with the ability to deliver anytime and anywhere to meet the needs of the corporate world.

Our distribution network is made up of Best Selling Authors, certified professional consultants, entrepreneurs, coaches, recruiters, trainers and speakers.