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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Success Insights tools for?
2. What tools are offered by Success Insights?
3. How does the process look like?
4. How to check if the report provides true information?
5. What are the advantages of assessment in a form of report and analysis?
6. What are the advantages resulting from using Success Insights tools?
7. Who has access to my assessment’s results?
8. How can Success Insights tools be bought?
9. How can I become Accredited Partner of Success Insights?
10. Is there a possibility to try out Success Insights tools?
11. How can I get information about products and activities of Success Insights?
1.What are Success Insights tools for?
Success Insights International has been present on the market for over 30 years, since 1979 it is linked with Target Training International Ltd. - Bill Bonnstetter’s company. Currently Success Insights tools are available in 90 countries and in 40 languages, in Poland they have been on the market since 1993.

Success Insights helps organizations all over the world fully benefit from the potential and creativity of their employees and supports managers and HR experts providing them with professional tools for assessing the environment in which they work. Success Insights tools are based on the system of diagnosis development of employees’ potential, which measures human behavior and emotions, motivators, attitudes, values, competences, sales skills, EQ and other factors.

2.What tools are offered by Success Insights?
Success Insights offers whole array of various analysis and reports, adapted to individual needs of specific company. Among our products you can find for example:
·TriMatrix reports based on analysis of 37 factors analyzing talent of the assessed person in three dimensions: how, why and what. Report can be used not only in recruitment process, but also in the processes of coaching and motivating already hired employees.
·DISC reports series assessing behavioral style in following versions: Management (describes relationship between manager and employees focusing on strong and weak sides of the subordinate, ways of efficient communication and value of a given worker for the organization), Sales (for professional salesmen, it reveals individual style of sales and communication, indicates strong features and disadvantages of the assessed person), Executive (directed at managers, it focuses on how a manager tackles challenges and problems, what his natural style is and what he should do to maximize potential in managing the company).
·In October 2012 new series of innovative reports was released. Talent Insights reports analyze behavioral style and factors which motivate assessed person in professional life, thanks to this combination one can maximize their positive synergy in the future. Talent Insights reports are available in four versions: Talent Insights version, Management version, Sales version and Executive version.
·Report Benchmarking describes requirements of the specific job, necessary competences and culture of work, which allows choosing carefully suitable employee.
Full list of products can be found on the webpage.

3.How does the process look like?
After a company decides to use Success Insights tools on-line assessment is carried out. Assessed person receives link to the webpage where logging is possible and a code which enables logging in, after accessing the system, he/she fills in on-line questionnaire - depending on its type it may take from 10 up to 45 minutes. Assessment can be filled in any time, from anywhere, the only condition is the access to Internet. It is important, however, to reserve adequate amount of time - assessment requires focus, person filling in questionnaire should not be distracted.
After the questionnaire is filled in and saved personal report is generated and then sent to the assessed person either in printed version or through e-mail. It is always accompanied by debriefing - accredited Partner explains and interprets the results. Debriefing usually takes place during a personal meeting with the Partner, but there is a possibility of receiving feedback on the phone as well. In case of group reports, debriefing is always done during personal meeting.
Debriefing focuses mainly on three areas: personal and professional development as well as relationships. Each report includes Action Plan.

4.How to check if report provides true information?
Personalized report presents information concerning a person based on answers which were given during filling in a questionnaire. To verify it, we recommend consulting results with friends or co-workers - people who know assessed person - and comparing results of the report with their impressions.

5.What are the advantages of assessment in a form of report and analysis?

Getting to know a person is usually a long process requiring confronting employee with various situations and challenges. Applying assessment and analysis describing one’s profile, indicating strong and weak aspects, motivators and the most efficient ways of communication, allows to save time and cost of hiring a wrong person to the specific position. In case of recruiting a new employee potential employer can analyze candidate’s predispositions carefully, this way he/she will be sure that this person will fit in the offered position. Similarly, thanks to carefully reading a report, a candidate for particular post can avoid disappointment resulting from doing job not in line with his/her profile and find a post which would allow him/her to develop his potential to the full.

6.What are the advantages resulting from using Success Insights tools?
Thanks to detailed analysis of job position’s requirements, individual predispositions of an employee, efficient ways of communication and motivators it is possible to maximize benefits resulting from proper matching employee and job. Employer can be sure that he/she will increase his employees’ efficiency motivating them and applying efficient ways of communicating with them. On the other hand, pleased employee who feels comfortable in his work environment will treat his duties with bigger enthusiasm and commitment.

Both employer and employee will avoid unnecessary costs - both in material sense and in time or emotional context. Working in a position which does not use employee’s potential, hinders his/her development, which means decreasing his efficiency. Mutual satisfaction resulting from appropriate matching person with a post brings about benefits not only for interested sides but also whole company or organization.

Success Insights analysis help building strategy of the company’s development, defining its possibilities and direction of future actions.

7.Who has access to my assessment’s results?
Access to a given assessment is restricted by username and password, which is available only for authorized people - apart from interested people from the company, access to assessment is granted only to service’s supplier.
Protecting privacy of our clients is of key importance to us. Through participation in Better Business Bureau BBBOnLine Privacy Program and Safe Harbor we agreed to abide by strict program’s rules concerning our clients’ personal data. Fulfilling this commitment is verified by BBBOnLine. More information about the program is available on the Safe Harbor’s webpage - <>.

8.How can Success Insights tools be bought?
Success Insights tools are sold by Accredited Partners. If you are interested in meeting with Partner, please fill in contact form on the webpage or send an e-mail to our office’s address. Please include information about the city where your company is operating so that we could recommend a Partner possibly the closest to you.
If your company cooperates with consulting companies we recommend asking if a given consulting company does not offer services concerning Success Insights tools and if not, informing them about such possibility.

9.How can I become Accredited Partner of Success Insights?
We invite you to participate in the Success Insights Academy. Selection of trainings enabling independent using Success Insights tools is directed above all at coaches, consultants, managers, HR specialists and career advisors.
Benefits from participation in the Success insights Academy include among others gaining wide knowledge concerning using the tools, access to personal and group reports as well as benchmarking analysis, free HR system and belonging to international network of experts.

Trainings are organized cyclically in Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Zakopane, Budapest, Bucharest, Bratislava, Prague and Sofia.
Offer of trainings is varied and adjusted to individual needs of a client, we organize open and closed trainings, group and individual ones, stationary and away. Please contact us in order to receive more detailed offer and conditions of the training.

10.Is there a possibility to try out Success Insights tools?
We invite training consulting companies to try out Success Insights tools. It is sufficient to send us e-mail and you will receive instructions and access code enabling generating personalized report. At the same time we inform that each company is entitled to one free code to benchmarking or personal assessment.

11.How can I get information about products and activities of Success Insights?
We invite you to regularly check our website as well as to follow our Facebook page and Twitter account.
We recommend signing in for our newsletters, thanks to which you will be able to receive information concerning new products and special offers on regular basis.

In case of any questions or concerns please contact our office or fill in a form on the website - Success Insights employee will get back to you as soon as possible.