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Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe
Executive Coaching

High-level executives often consult professional coaches with organizational development expertise for objective solutions to specific challenges they face. It is the executive coach's responsibility to assist the executive by providing sound advice and solutions. Many coaches will use assessments offered by SI to increase communication with their executive clients and to help them understand their own behavioral style. This awareness will drastically increase the executive's overall effectiveness within the organization.   The Success Insights Executive™ report is designed to help executives attain a greater knowledge of themselves as well as others. The ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success and failure in our work and personal life. Effective interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself. The Success Insights Executive™ report quantifies information on how we see ourselves and presents this self-perception in a detailed computer report. 

Results and Benefits of the Success Insights Executive Report
· Designed specifically for the CEO, business owner, manager and decision maker. 
· Outlines personal behavioral strengths and value to the organization. 
· Identifies how you approach problems and challenges. 
· Targets characteristics that can move you from a "manager" to a "leader" of people. 
· Offers strategies for communicating openly, honestly and directly to get the results you and your organization need.

In addition to the Success Insights Executive™ report, executive coaches incorporate the Success Insights Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values™ (PIAV) assessment. The PIAV report provides information on the why of your actions, which with application and coaching, can tremendously impact your valuing of life. Once you know the attitudes that drive your actions, you will immediately be able to understand the causes of conflict. You will understand and appreciate your relationships as you recognize the attitudes of other people. You will see how their attitudes might interact with your own. 

Results and Benefits of the PIAV
· Know the why of your actions.
· Make career choices that will increase your job satisfaction. 
· Understand the causes of conflict. 
· Develop an increased appreciation for the uniqueness of others. 
· Appreciate the viewpoint of others who see life differently. 
· Increase your "valuing" of life. 
· Increase your satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

When executives understand themselves and the people they work with, communication becomes more effective. Therefore, productivity and performance increase.  If the coaching approach include performance increase as well, coaches use TriMetrix as assessment tool for identify competences, communication style and motivators for the coachee.

Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe
Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe