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Targeting Talent
Finding the right talent for specific jobs is not just desir­able, but ESSENTIAL to business success. Tools that add value to the hiring process are increasingly popular with human resource professionals, line managers and business owners. Much valuable employee time can be wasted in needlessly interviewing prospective employees whose tal­ents are not suited to job openings.

Decreasing Turnover Costs
The costs of employee turnover can no longer be ignored and are widely advertised as being from 3 to 9 times annual salary-depending on the job level and experience of departing employees. Replacing talent quickly and accurately will stop the drain on a company’s resources that is related to employee turnover.

Tools for Every Business
Interviewing Insights General and Sales reports are designed to assist companies quickly and successfully pre­pare for the interview process. These helpful reports will target talent early in the hiring process and pave the way for second-level interviews and/or more in-depth assess­ments of specific capabilities.

Interviewing Insights - General Version
Use this assessment to prepare for a wide variety of job interviews.

Interviewing Insights - Sales Version
Use this assessment to prepare for initial sales position interviews.

Results & Benefits
An investment in the Interviewing Insights reports can yield important results and valuable benefits in several areas:
Save time and effort in preparing for interviews.
Target the right type of talent at the beginning of the hiring process.
Identify suitable candidates accurately through behavioral profiling.
Achieve successful hiring faster, saving both time and money.

Begin using TTI Success Insights reports today and increase the success of your interviewing and hiring process!

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