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Behavioral assessment - Executive Version

Enhanced Executive Performance

Interacting effectively with a variety of people marks the difference between success and failure. Effective interper­sonal interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself. The TTI Success Insights Executive report gives executives a greater knowledge of themselves and others, leading to enhanced performance.

Effective Management Communications
Of particular interest to the executive is how the Executive report identifies interpersonal communication preferences. Knowing this, the executive can use a com­munication system with others that is more effective and productive. Executives will become more aware of how their natural and adapted behavioral styles are influencing others’ reactions to them and either enhancing or inhibit­ing their success-and the success of others.

Increased Value to the Organization
Faced with ever-changing challenges and opportunities, self-knowledge assists executives in achieving success for their organizations. Executives and their coaches and/or mentors can develop action plans to build on their strengths and overcome factors limiting their success. The end result-increased value to the organization.

Achieving Superior Performance
People are most productive in environments that compli­ment and reward their own natural behaviors. However, natural behaviors may not produce desired results-especially when interacting with people who exhibit opposite behaviors. The Executive report will reveal a number of opportunities for improvements in communi­cation, driven by the work environment and coworkers’ needs. By understanding the most effective adjustments to make to achieve success, the executive learns to effec­tively modify behavior as required.

Report Content
Each Executive report contains a number of personalized sections that illuminate separate areas with opportunities for enhanced communications and understanding. The report can be professionally debriefed by the executive’s coach or mentor, who can maximize the results and con­struct an effective action plan. This resulting information is ideal as part of a performance management process emphasizing personal accountability.

Results & Benefits
An investment in the TTI Success Insights Executive report can yield important results and valuable benefits in several areas:
Identifies how executives tend to approach problems and challenges.
Targets characteristics that move an executive from a “manager” to a “leader”.
Offers strategies for communicating openly, ethically and directly to get the results the
  organization needs.
Applies specifically to the successful performance of a CEO, business owner, manager and/or 
  executive decision maker with no performance supervision.
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Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe
Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe