Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe
Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe

The Success Insights reports give executives an accurate analysis of their personal strengths and the value they bring to an organization. This knowledge enables them to maintain control over their own destiny and assists them in making strategic decisions in human capital management. Executives can then help develop action plans to build on the strengths of the company and its employees with the use of Success Insights reports.

SI's Success Insights Executive™ report is often used in preparation for strategic planning sessions. It offers the top management team specific information that paves the way for enhanced inter-personal communication and increases the value of individual contributions. This report details the following on each individual: General Characteristics, Value to the Organization, Checklist for Communicating, Don'ts on Communicating, Perceptions and Motivated Style.

The report is designed specifically for CEOs, business owners, managers and decision makers. It outlines personal behavioral strengths and how the strengths bring value to the organization. The report identifies how an executive will approach problems and challenges. It targets characteristics that can move an executive from a "manager" to a "leader". The Success Insights Executive also offers strategies for communicating openly, honestly and directly to get the results the organization needs.

Success Insights offers an attitude assessment to accompany the Success Insights Executive™ for strategic planning. The Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Assessment TM allows executives to take control of their decisions and understand their valuing of life. It helps executives to:

·  Know the WHY of their actions.
·  Make career choices that will increase job satisfaction.
·  Understand the root causes of conflict.
·  Develop an increased appreciation for the uniqueness of others.
·  Appreciate the viewpoint of others who see life differently.
·  Increase their "valuing" of life.
·  Increase their satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

The Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Assessment™ measures responses in six attitudes. The computerized report shows each of the six attitudes compared to a national average. Information is provided on the WHY of individuals' actions, which, with application, can tremendously impact their valuing of life. When executives understand the attitudes that drive their actions, they immediately understand the causes of conflict. They begin to understand and appreciate relationships as they recognize the attitudes of other people and see how their attitudes interact with their own.
Trimetrix toolkit support you in matching business expectation and personal „givens” in all levels of the organization. Results help to identify areas of consulting. reas of the consulting can be both for strategic and personal level. Understanding further report options to support internal and external consultant work contact us.

Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe
Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe