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Is a Career Change Right for You?
Determining if a career change is right for you is a process in which the discovery of your personal strengths, motivations, and goals are of the utmost importance. If a career change is the right thing for you, you need to be sure you are making the right change.

Self Discovery
The Trimetrix™ report identifies specific talents and behaviors of an individual. Success and job satisfaction come easier the closer the job matches. The report offers a system to capitalize on the individual's talents, as well as their potential strengths and specific value to the organization.

An individual's performance and attitude in the workplace can be directly related to their internal value system. This can be discovered through the Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values™ assessment. This report allows individuals to understand how their value system affects their choices and how it provides purpose and direction in their lives. Before making a career change, it is important to understand the values that drive your actions. This understanding will lead to a better decision for your future career. 

Understanding the Position
Many poor career decisions have been made because there was not enough research completed on the position beforehand. The Trimetrix™ report gives a good starting place to increase understanding about the potential career. More specific information will also need to be gathered from the job.

Benefits of Understanding
The benefits of understanding who you are, through discovering your behavioral and values system before you make a career change are far reaching. Self-knowledge is power and gives you the keys to your future.

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Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe
Success Insights Central & Eastern Europe