Wingham Rowan: A New Kind of Job Market

Listen to Wingham Rowan, founder of Silvers-of-Time, talking about job market, focusing on people who need to have very flexible working hours:

Wingham Rowan starts his presentation with enumerating example of people who might need ultra-flexible working hours (such as sick people or the ones who have to take care of somebody else) and situations in which employers could benefit from such labour force (during rush hours in a cafe or in case of urgent order in the warehouse). The problem is the lack of information about supply and demand for such workers – it would be useful for example in the context of local services, such as babysitting.

Wingham Rowan says: “Markets have changed beyond recognition in the last 20 years, but only for organizations at the top of the economy”. He suggests that the same technology and mechanisms that helped the organizations at the top of the economy, can be also useful for smaller trade.

He then elaborates on the example of hypothetical National E-Markets (NEM). Facilities offered by the government would include public spending channeled through NEMs, interfacing, de-regulation and promotion. On the other hand, obligations placed on operators would be as follows: all costs, small, local transactions, fixed % charge for use, neutrality/privacy and public reporting of demand and supply data.

Wingham Rowan is a founder of Silvers-of-Time, which allows companies to book workers by the hour. This online marketplace allows people to sell hours of their time in segments that suit them and organizations to hire them for that period. Wingham Rowan points out that this would create very small trades, but very well-infored because national e-market would deliver necessary data. He calls it “atomized capitalism” – small trades for small people, which definitely shouldn’t be underestimated.

Read more about Wingham Rowan here or visit the Silvers-of-Time website and learn more about the project.