Richard St. John’s 8 secrets of success

Learn in less than 4 minutes what leads to success – watch Richard St. John’s presentation:

Richard St. Jones asked a simple question – what leads to success, it took him 7 years of research and 500 interviews carried out to get the answer. Here are 8 things leading to success:

1. Passion – do it for love, not money

2. Work – work hard and enjoy it, instead of workaholic, be a workfrolic

3. Get damn good at what you are doing – practice, practice and practice

4. Focus

5. Push yourself

6. Serve – “millionaires serve other something of value”, do the same

7. Ideas – listen, observe, be curious, ask questions, solve problems, make connections

8. Persist – against everything

Richard St. John wrote a book, you can also follow his blog.