Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek gives a speech about the importance of belief and leadership in success. There is a pattern of how communication goes, Simon Sinek calls it the Golden Circle. It is why, how and what? Basically all the companies know what they do, some of them know also how they do it, but very few companies know why they do what they do. As Simon Sinek points out, the answer is not a financial profit, money is just a result, not a cause.

Majority of companies communicate from outside, they tell us what product they offer. Great companies communicate from inside, starting with explaining why they do what they do, through how, arriving at what – product serves as a proof of what they believe. People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek supports his thesis with the examples of Apple, brothers Wright and Martin Luther King – all of them believed in what they did and this is what they sold. Martin Luther King told people what he believed, people who believed the same thing made it their own case and convinced others, this is how his ideas spread and this is why crowds of people came to listen to his speech.

Simon Sinek mentiones also law of difussion of innovations which explains why and at what rate innovation spreads. Martin Luther King can serve as an example of success, the company TiVo provides an example of failure – despite having money, good product and good market conditions, the company wasn’t successful. Why? Because they communicated their innovation in a wrong way, starting with what instead of why.

Leaders are those who hold authority or power, those who lead are the ones that inspire us – Simon Sinek says at the end of his presentation. They are also a key to success.