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360 Feedback

Perception is reality. Success stems from knowing how others perceive you. A 360-degree feedback assessment will identify areas in which a person is performing about, at or below standard of his/her boss, self, peers and customers (if applicable). A 360-degree assessment is a powerful tool for helping individuals improve, grow and develop their interpersonal skills through personalized feedback.

A 360 assessment shows an individual what others think of his or her performance is versus what it should be. Understanding the others' perception will increase an individual's drive for success, when he/she is given the information in a constructive manner such as a one-on-one debriefing session.

It is imperative that necessary follow-up strategies are adhered to in order to have a successful outcome. A 360 assessment is to be used as a starting point for a developmental process. The reports should be facilitated in a way that leads to a complete process for improvement. When individuals look at a 360 as a starting point to an improvement process, they feel more secure with the information given to them.

Features of SI's OD Surveys 360

-  Customized Survey Questions
-  Customized Answer Scales
-  Open-ended Questions
-  Demographic Breakdowns
-  Online
-  Easy to Interpret

Success stems from knowing how others perceive you. A 360-degree feedback assessment provides this information. Using 360 assessments will increase professional development and overall productivity.

Using Trimetrix™ system you can identify difference between potential and realized competence level. The feedback system helps to gather information int he frame of competence, motivation expectation.

System is adaptable for your actual organizational need.
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